Noviur Technologies recruitment services can assist clients in quickly finding expertly skilled IT professionals who are certain to be the right fit. We can assist our clients in sourcing, screening, all reference checks, including additional background checks if needed.  By merging our cutting-edge recruiting technology and seasoned professionals, with customer service like no other, we have been helping our clients get a competitive edge on their staffing requirements.


In Addition, Noviur can handle various job opportunities within multiple sectors including;

  • Banking, Financial services and insurance

  • Entertainment industry

  • Healthcare

  • Government services and Non profit

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Trades

  • Media

  • Sales

  • Communications

  • Marketing- social media and public relations


We can help you avoid one of the costliest business staffing mistakes: the wrong hire or missing out on the right hire. Whether you need the right talent for project-based placement, short term contract hires, contract-to-hire placement and full-time staff recruitment.


Browse our available talent and job opportunities or submit your hiring request online. Let us help you find the technical talent you need to get your projects done.


Contact us today to get started at (416)484-0313 for immediate assistance. We strive to make hiring as easy as one click!