Data Warehouse and ETL

Quality Assurance in Data Warehouse/ETL projects

As more data is being collected for the following Business Analysis and for use during strategic decision-making events – testing of Data Warehouse at any point of ETL process is becoming increasingly strategically important and valuable.

Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence platforms are very complex and require special attention to overcome possible problems during ETL process and data quality vitrification.

Our testing strategy of DW/BI always contains but is not limited to:

  • Data Transformation – we verify that all that data successfully migrates through the ETL process as per defined in the Software Transformation Rules documents.

  • Data Completeness – to ensure data loads from A to Z.

  • Data Integrity

  • Data Quality – to ensure that each data case is properly handled as per defined ETL rules and distributed between corrects/ignores/rejects.

  • Regression Testing – we will always make sure that all existing functionality remained intact after each new release.

Our team is able to offer various testing solutions:

  • Fully outsource your testing needs; starting from working with your Business Analysts and moving to end-to-end planning, execution and reporting

  • Provide your existing QA Teams with our expertise by presenting our DW/ETL QA Experts, which can play a lead role in building test frameworks/methodologies and mentoring intermediate QA professionals.

  • We can train your QA team to be more efficient by using specific tools, such as:

    • Automation of manual testing efforts

    • Testing across different platforms and databases, flat files, XML

    • Working with SQL to provide 100% data testing coverage

    • Delivering reporting on all phases of testing (preparation/execution)