Not only do we facilitate the performance test, but we also perform results analysis and provide recommendations on tuning opportunities for your Citrix Performance environment.

Our team is currently undertaking various types of performance tests at A major Canadian Bank within a shared virtualized environment (CITRIX). The Program is an enterprise-wide initiative that provides secure access to your workplace desktop anytime, anywhere and from any device. Software and data is securely housed in the data center rather than the computer which provides many benefits from on-going maintenance, help desk staff reduction and long-term consistency and scalability perspectives.

Our efforts have enabled our Banking client to save upwards of $5,000,000.00 dollars just in hardware procurement not including the ongoing reduction in maintenance costs as well as minimizing infrastructure footprint at the data center for the Banks Head Office line of business. Our tests allowed us to identify performance bottlenecks at the application and infrastructure levels, which we were able to fine-tune and apply corrective measures.

These results were achieved as a direct outcome of exploiting the following Performance test framework:


The development of a complex suite of LoadRunner Citrix/Web-HTTP Protocol scripts, which were designed with multiple applications that were launched and exercised simultaneously in order to simulate a real world scenario. The Citrix scripts were created with a custom framework to ensure scripts were stable during execution and ran at < 95% success rate. Testing involved exercising numerous configurations of ECS Cisco Host level Virtual Machines while allocating varying amounts of CPU's and Memory to obtain optimal user density numbers per Blade. Initial tuning comprised of identifying the correct number of VM's/CPU/Memory as well as allocating adequate CPU's for the Host/Hypervisor. Tuning was achieved by exploiting diagnostic monitoring tools such as VM Ware v-Sphere, NetScout as well as Prognosis to identify busy processes then configure and optimize.