Risk Management

During any software project there are plenty of aspects to be considered for in depth analysis before starting the QA phase.

Our Team will provide risk-based analyses on a project basis to assess how much testing should be done and define risk involved.

We will prioritize the testing of features and functions based on the risk of failure; identify and sort functions based on their importance and likelihood, as well as their impact in the case of failure.

Our Risk Management is always going in parallels and across all stages of the SDLC and not dependent on which Methodology is used by the Company (Waterfall or Agile).

We see the QA process to be concurrent with code creation. If continuous regression is required – we will analyze if an automation solution can help keep up with test load during medium and large projects.

Our resources are virtually unlimited and we can bring on-board additional seasoned professionals and Subject Matter Experts to achieve goals and meet project timelines.